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Alex Cora shares my pain from Sunday's game.

J.D. whew...

Jed Lowrie looks to the heavens, or possibly the Coke seats, for answers.

I love this scruff on Pedie. Just love it.

Oh dear; looks like a home run swing from Lindy...

... and maybe a bit of a home run smile, too.

The question has been raised of whether Beckett was tipping his pitches... they were certainly hitting 'em like they knew what was coming.

David Aardsma takes his turn.

Jason Varitek looks back for the inevitable grounder.

Jason Bay. The tongue in the first one kills me.

Mike Timlin. It was a little early in the game for "Black Betty."

Seriously, no one looks like this besides Jacoby Ellsbury. No one. It's like he travels with his own lighting and makeup crew.

Jed Lowrie is very determined that he will not be caught off second base.

Might as well get some stretching in...

Jeff Bailey and the Impenetrable Sunglasses.

I had joked before the game that I was the only person who wanted to see Clay Buchholz instead of Beckett... kinda got my wish, if only for an inning!

Jed Lowrie slides in for a triple.

More to come, of course--didn't even get to Masterson yet!
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