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I was a little crushed that

Michael Bowden didn't get his first win, but nonetheless, congratulations to the PawSox for their guaranteed berth in the playoffs!

Bonus for the Jed Lowrie folks... went back to 2007 Spring Training for that shot and was reminded of this one of Jed laughing after he let a ball go through his legs in drills.

I meant all week to write a little more about the notion of players, their families and their private lives, but ran into two problems: one, that a story I would tell would arguably be invasive of privacy for me to tell it, and two, that the woman formerly known as the Red Sox Chick did such a marvelous job that I indulged in laziness and didn't write. I did, however, want to address one issue, which is the constant refrain of "It's fair game if it's on the Internet." If you leave your bike in the front yard, at least many places I've lived, you run a good chance of its being stolen. If this is the way one makes that statement about the Internet, I suppose I can't argue; someone will come along, find it and do something with it. But the way I've seen it said is more along the lines of It's all right to steal the bike because someone left it out. If someone put it on the Internet I can do as I wish with it. And I find that somewhere between maddeningly frustrating and profoundly sad. The British jurist Lord Moulton defined ethics as "obedience to the unenforceable." He said there were three domains of human action: positive law (which compels us), free choice, and in between them, "the obedience of a man to that which he cannot be forced to obey but where he is the enforcer of the law upon himself." (Anyone reading this who knows where I work may start smiling now.) The example of the bike is in the domain of law, of course, but in my view the notion of finding something private and making every effort to publicize it--particularly after efforts have been made to return it to a private state--is appalling. It's a situation where one can't be compelled to do the right thing, but one simply should. (I am in this regard heartened to know that there were other folks who, in fact, did do right in this situation!)

Speaking of the Red Sox Chick, she has launched her new site over at Toeing the Rubber. Go have a look!

Am I worried about the Red Sox? No, not really. I'm worried about Beckett's elbow, at least in the abstract way that we can worry without being privy to what's really going on. I'm a little worried about Drew--the attempt to get Giles suddenly seeming a lot less like merely an attempt to block Tampa--but I'm sure glad to have Coco now and can think of much worse things than Jonathan Van Every getting a callup. I still think the Rays will slip a little in September, and that the Twins will put some space between themselves and the White Sox. (Full disclosure--I am rooting for the Twins to get the division with Craig Breslow on the roster.)

Other than that, I haven't made any of the progress I hoped to make on backlogged photos. Wasted a little time on Facebook but mostly just wasted time out of weariness. I am working some from June 15 back in Cincinnati

though how many of you want to see the frame-by-frame sequence of Homer Bailey I couldn't guess. ^_^

OH--nearly forgot! I did find a few random shots I'd always meant to put up...

It's good to know that Fenway has Healthy Selections! (Under the RF stands)

My "favorite" seat at Fenway is the one in Section 23, Row 17 that's directly behind the I-bar, but this is my "favorite" row.

Bench seats. (Before you ask--I "found" these when I was up behind Section 1 shooting down at the field and a fellow with a ticket in that row asked me to help him find his "seat." So, yes, they really do sell 'em.)

Can't remember if I put this up: me with the 2004 and 2007 trophies, in Ft. Myers.

I hope to get some things done today--not least, I need new icons. Never quite realized how many I had with Hansen and with Manny...

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