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Because even though I should be in bed...

... it was a strange day at the park, and I need to link a little of it.

How often do you get to see Mike Timlin giggle?

Justin Masterson and Dave Pauley were throwing to each other; Masterson was catching when Pauley hit him in the shoulder...

But he was laughing...

"That was... maybe a little outside?"
I don't know if Pauley's response was verbal, facial or gestural, but it must have been good!

No hard feelings when they were done.

Timlin and MDC wrapped up long toss acting more like a pair of bucks.

"My antlers are still bigger." / "Yes, your antlers are still bigger."

Timlin then joined Pauley and Masterson.

"So, Dave... "

"... going to work your way up the line by breaking a rival's arm, huh?"

I did take serious photos; here's Tim Wakefield.

Jed Lowrie, girding for battle.

Very wary look from Jed. I think he expected Pierzynski.

"Oooooooooh, but I wanted that call..."

Mark Kotsay has good hair.

And I have no idea what Pedie was telling him here, but he seemed very concerned to share his thoughts.

I'd spotted Jonathan Van Every in the dugout and was trying to get a good shot of him. Conveniently he popped up to chat with Casey... but we know what seems to happen to the rookies around Casey, right?

"Sean, you're one of the most kind, thoughtful, and intelligent players I've ever met..."

"... but that magnificent bicep..."

"... I must have it. Now."

Much more to come--Bowden, too!

And a happy anniversary to Clay Buchholz. Another great outing in Portland this weekend, a few more breaths caught in a challenging year. Hang in there, kid. We know you'll be back.


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