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Red Sox Rookies!

I learned a few things this year that I'll try to keep in mind next year, I promise. ^_~ Didn't have particularly good position, but I did what I could--and seeing the lovely Brita Meng Outzen dashing about (not to mention Dan Roche confirming for me that there's video!) made me feel better. Hopefully others (including horsecrazyliza--great to meet you, finally!) were able to get better shots!

Chris Smith wins this year's best-dressed award, in a landslide!

Jeff Bailey in background. I know they were going for "cheerleader," but it makes me think "And now I cooooome to youuuuuuuu with ooooooooooopen aaaaaaarms..."

Chris Smith in closeup, because nothing says sexy like hairy cleavage.

Justin Masterson. Either a) they were afraid he'd be mortally offended by just about anything else they thought of, or b) under that he's wearing a gold lame thong which would be his entire outfit as soon as the bus pulled away.

Note that the security woman's checking out his, er, pants.

Could not get a clear shot of George Kottaras.

Brita laughs at Jonathan Van Every. (Not naming names, but I wonder if the fact that a couple of the guys looked rather appealing last year made them go with the comical boobs for most of 'em this time...)

Devern Hansack. Couldn't get a clear shot on Dave Pauley but he was basically wearing the same thing.

JVE carefully carries his rack back to the bus.

Chris Carter. The dark roots really make this one.

And the belly, too. ^_^

Edited to add the only ones I managed of Jed Lowrie...

Photos from the game to come, along with all the other things I've been promising and not coming through on...
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