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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

As if you needed another reason to root for a sweep today, please keep in mind that if we win tonight, I can try to catch up on more photos tomorrow. Thank you for your consideration!

Mom update: she's better. Still weak, and still not quite ready to be out and about on her own in the world, but better. Many thanks for everyone's well wishes!

And now...

Catching lessons from Mike Timlin!

("Is he mine, Lord? Really? You sent him to punish me, didn't you?")

"See, you hold the glove... like this."

Overhead Beckett!

Overhead Tek!

Overhead dugout shot! (Note Casey barking something...)

(... at a naughty Alex Cora?)

Crabcakes smiling!

Crabcakes being moved out of the way by Alex Cora!

Masterson chin fuzz, the early days!


Johnny Pesky!

Lunatic catchers!

But now I am off to welcome Ted for his first ever Sox playoff game... and maybe to take a few pictures...
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