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Still delirious

I made it through about a half day at work, despite the fact that I was so wiped out I was ready to lie on the floor and my eyes refused to function in tandem. Went home early, crashed, woke up a little while ago long enough to eat something and am about to crash for Round II.

It was so worth it, though.

I have photos, of course, but me being tired = me starting with the silly ones...

Don Kalkstein gives Pedie advice on his cuticles.

"So... all I'm asking is that maybe you could, you know, blow it a few times. Then I could have my setup job back. C'mon, man, I'd do it for you..."

Kevin Cash and David Ross--another shot where I swear they're singing...

That's it--these two have got to stop it with the whole smiling thing, or I will never get to the game photos...

Of course, things did get very, very serious!

And these folks are teh awesome.

More tomorrow! ... er, today. After I sleep more.
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