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I sent this to Glenn, off with the Revs in Texas:
MLS Free Agent Holding Out For Money.

November 10, 2005 | Onion Sports

DALLAS—Carlos Ruiz, a veteran forward who has played the last three years with Major League Soccer's FC Dallas, has announced that he will hold out on any contract offer that does not include some mention of monetary compensation. "I realize that [soccer] in America is still in its infancy, and I do appreciate the free socks, orange slices, and Powerade," Ruiz said of the 10-year-old MLS's hesitancy to offer him cash in return for his services as a player. "But I no longer want to be sleeping on fans' couches, hitchhiking to and from games, and finding people to buy me a meal every now and then. That's fine for rookies, but I've proven myself on the field, and I think that's worth a few thousand bucks a year." FC Dallas has asked the league to intervene, saying that actually paying Ruiz with money would put them over the $1.2 thousand MLS salary cap.

Salaries in MLS really are something else entirely compared to other sports. Ruiz in fact had a contract for 2004 with a base salary of $30,000 but a guaranteed $50,000. Yes, that's for the year. Ruiz was the league MVP in 2002. Here's what was circulated as the Revs' 2004 numbers:

New England

Moore, Joe-Max: $260,000/$280,000
Ralston, Steve: $190,000/$202,000
Brown, Adin: $140,000/$145,833
Cancela, Jose: $144,000/$144,000
Twellman, Taylor: $108,600/$115,266
Llamosa, Carlos: $115,000/$115,000
Franchino, Joe: $79,860/$81,110
Noonan, Pat: $39,375/$50,000
Pierce, Rusty: $46,856.25/$48,522.91
Kante, Daouda: $44,625/$45,875
Reis, Matt: $38,205/$38,830
Moore, Jason: $31,500/$31,500
Joseph, Shalrie: $25,200/$25,200
Leonard, Marshall: $24,000/$24,000

So the TEAM in 2004 played for $1,347,137, if my math can be trusted. Think about what that buys you in MLB. Think about what percentage of Manny's contract that represents.


Redid the index page at to use thumbnails as links instead of lines of text; still needs work but I like it better so far. I think I have ten more days' worth of photos to edit, so I'll see if it gets too unwieldy once I add those. Need to rework the video page, too--actually that ought to be a priority. I'll just have to force myself to watch the videos a few time to get some screen grabs, I guess...

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