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In which I remember that I'm supposed to post baseball photos

I've finally been making some progress again; I'm hoping the new boys will want some quality lap time this weekend in between rounds of exploring the house!

Anyway, I added some more to the September 13 page...

I miss my PawSox.

"Hey, college boy... you have any idea what these ingredients are?"

You have no idea how relieved I was when I finally realized that Chris Carter scowls at everyone, not just me. ^_^

I wonder if Tito gives thanks for Pedie every year.

This lot was getting into it during the National Anthem. Not sure if it was Papi/Casey or Papi/Bay with Casey coming to Bay's defense.

I was shooting, and then stopped at exactly the wrong time--and Jon Lester threw/splashed his coffee in Kottaras's direction.

I'm sure I singled that one out before. But it's cold out, and I needed something to warm me up. ^_~

Hmmn... wonder what you'd look like in red and white...

"Aw, c'mon, Dad..."

I love this photo. Is he talking trash about his own pitcher or something? ^_^

Coco smiles at Kottaras, who's just scored his first run in the majors.
I miss Coco.

I never expected when we met Jonathan Van Every at the PawSox Hot Stove event that I'd get as attached as I have!

This was the day that Kevin Cash played third for the first time in the majors.

"Hope I remember how to use this thing..."
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