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As requested...

Smiling David Pauley during long toss.

Mike Timlin looks for a worthy recipient of a ball.

Justin Masterson looking as gloomy and dour as ever.

Sometimes the glove over the face is to prevent lipreading... sometimes it's to preserve one's crabby reputation as one's catcher cracks one up.

I'm going to guess they were talking about baserunning; Coco had been on first and looked like he could never decide whether he wanted to go.

Ah, Tek.

Kevin Cash is immune to your endearing smiles.

Whoops--looks like Van Every wasn't immune to Cashie's glum look, though.

I guess it was seriously contagious!

One thing about darlin' Jacoby--boy's gotta watch the way he interacts with the umpire. (IIRC though he was disappointed in something here, not contesting a call per se.)

"... Gyroball?!"

I feel the EARTH--MOVE--under my feet... Papi slides [?] in with a triple. (This was the last shot I got before I just have shots of waving arms!)

Paps and his celebratory/congratulatory clap, which I personally find more endearing than fistpumping.

See Tek, above.

I guess that would be my reaction if I took at Big Papi hit to the midsection, too!
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