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Well, that was interesting...

I got up early this morning to make sure that today's plan would work: a trip to the gym, followed by shopping, getting home around 1:00pm, well before the 2-6 period that was supposed to be bad, per the weather folks.

As it turned out, the roads were so bad when I got out of the gym that I simply took the first #77 available (no way the bus that goes by my house was running!) and I think I was lucky to make it home at all. I can't speak for the rest of the town, but we had at least a foot of snow at my house. I am now definitely ready for a break from shoveling!

Thanks for the suggestions in the last post! I do now have a bottle of Nature's Miracle at the ready, but that did seem to be a one-off problem. They boys are doing very well. Avery seems not to understand why I leave the house for hours at a time when I could be playing with the Cat Dancer!

Avery with one of his favorite toys. Astonishingly enough he hasn't managed to pull the "mouse" off its perch yet! I think this is because he's discovered the Cat Dancer.

Wilson's very fond of the thing with feathers.

It's much easier to find mostly-white cats on the bed! Avery looks like a sea serpent here, navigating the blanket.
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