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A brief tour of the yet-to-be-edited archives

I had the best intentions of buckling down and catching up on the backlog at the end of the season, but I think I needed a break, and then, well, the whole Thanksgiving-to-Christmas time period is not good for me for planning. But I'm starting to get back in the groove. Here's a few from some dates that have very little yet edited and posted!

May 17. There's a photo like this one on the Facebook fan page for Jacoby, and I kept looking at it thinking I know I took a shot like that...!

(I am kicking around the idea of a "Jacoby!" app for Facebook. You could send friends a "Smiling Jacoby" or a "Glaring Jacoby" or a "Speedy Jacoby" or a "Super Hot Jacoby". I can't decide if this is hilarious or if I need to be talked out of it.)

Twice in the same at-bat Manny took a pitch that was rather up and in. I suppose if you let go of the bat you avoid getting charged with a swing!

June 1... beautiful day game, and I've only posted BP! Edited a few from later...

Mike Lowell and Josh Beckett made me laugh out loud.

Ells with a slide...

Waiting for the word... he was out. Possibly the only time I've shot him getting caught!

Different play, but the boy does frown well, no?

Papi and Julio Lugo. I like Lugo. I really do. I may want Jed to play, but I like the guy.

I miss Coco.

And last but certainly not least, August 31: from which I'd posted some shots of the pitchers throwing in the morning, but nothing from the game.

Dave Pauley.

Current new dad Paps!

Mike Bowden was out at warmups after his debut the night before.

Okay, here's a "huh?" sequence... I guess a fistbump isn't good enough for Dave Page and Hideki Okajima.

Oh, like you'll pick off Ells. Sure.

Jed Lowrie gazes thoughtfully at a foul.

Oh, man... see, this is what I miss.

He glowers well, too.

But gets right back into the game.

Steals bases with his eyes closed, he does.

If all goes well tomorrow, I'm looking at a really exciting New Year's Eve at the computer. Check back for more! And if you go out celebrating--be sensible, travel carefully, have fun. ^_^
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