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I am hoping for a day of relative grace today to follow my day of relative gracelessness yesterday. Spent more of the day than I would like wrestling with the casters on a desk chair (thereby all but breaking my wrist), finished the chair and then managed to trip over the stairs (I really don't know what I did except that I went from vertical to horizontal and as far as I can tell nothing pushed me) and generally dropped and misplaced things all day. I did manage not to fall off of anything at the gym, which I took as a good enough sign for me to wear nicer clothes today for a reception. (I so infrequently wear a skirt and heels these days that I feel rather like I'm in costume.)

Nice column by Chris Snow in the Globe today on the issue of the new amphetamine penalties in baseball. I'm not convinced that the steroid penalty changes will have much effect, given that the league can't do blood tests and a lot of modern performance-enhancing drugs can only be detected that way. But I'll be interested to see what players decide to do here--particularly since the first-level penalty is "more testing."

Couple of random things I can recommend:

Peets Holiday Blend coffee. Excellent and well-balanced, and one of the few coffees that claims to have chocolate notes where I would actually agree with the assessment.

Bruegger's pumpkin cream cheese. Nice flavor, not too sweet. Pairs very nicely with their excellent whole wheat bagels.
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