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A few from yesterday

Team Puerto Rico was training at the Sox minor league complex, but photos were hard to come by as they'd roped off all my good photo spots. Javy didn't look up as he passed between fields where I had a clear shot.

I had a hard time finding Alex Cora--I had to wait until he assumed an unmistakably Cora-esque pose.

I was shooting my boys on one field when I heard this:
"I don't know who's batting over there, but he just hit a BOMB."
"It's Bernie!"
So I missed the colossal HR, but I figured I had to stake him out for a shot for Kate!

Dewey talked to Bubba for a long time. Bubba is a very attentive listener.

These aren't the best quality--they were in left field and I was at first base--but the parachute drills are the best. For some reason they had all the big guys running ladder drills

while the more compact kids tried not to catch the fierce winds and get swept away!

Bubba Bell...

... Jeff Natale...

... Matt Sheely...

and Iggy Suarez.

"Try not to look silly. She's got a zoom lens!"

Bruiser the dog with a new fan.

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