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Everything's changed, nothing has changed

I have been editing. Really I have. Just not as much, nor as quickly, nor in as organized a fashion as I should!

Went to Friday night's game because it was such a gorgeous day and I thought I might get to shoot Hunter Jones in his debut.

Got him in uniform, at least! And found that I still take too many pictures of Brian Roberts

and that apparently I have a thing for Luke Scott.

Pumpsie Green threw out the first pitch.

It was an interesting day for Mr. Penny, resulting in a lot of interesting expressions...

and things got a little crazy, but you know who was not going to let things get out of hand?

Totally unreasonably smokin' hot Nick Green, that's who!

(standing on second after tying up the game. I'm pretty sure my getting that photo was worth the price of my ticket!)

Lots more to come from that game... but Saturday I was up early to trek to Pawtucket with Cyn! Barely started editing, but here's a couple of a very, VERY unhappy Dusty Brown as he got tossed...

Up early tomorrow for the Patriots Day game! Here's Jason Bay's take, via Ian Browne...

"I played a 10 o'clock game in 'A' ball about seven years ago or something. There were like 3,000 elementary students. They bussed in for it. It will be a lot like that, I guess," said left fielder Jason Bay.

The big difference, of course, is that Fenway will be packed to capacity yet again.

No, the big difference is that there will be beer...
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