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Good times never seemed so good... or exhausting! (so tired! so tired! so tired!)

I always say I don't want to go to Yankee games. And I usually fob it off on external forces--there are always people for whom alcohol and rivalry are bigger driving forces than baseball--but in truth it's also like placing a very large bet that you can't afford to pay. I'm never sure if the knots in my stomach are outweighed by the possibility of elation at the end. add to this that these games are never over, both in the literal timing and the they-can-still-come-back sense, and a Yankee game becomes a mentally and physically grueling experience.

Which is that way it was Friday night. It was a great comeback and a great finish, but I was wiped out, physically and emotionally.

So what did I do Saturday, after telling everyone I'd be enjoying the sun, doing yardwork and skipping Buck and McCarver for Castiglione and O'Brien?

I went to the game, of course. ^_^

I did warn you, didn't I? Maybe Justin Masterson can make sure Joba Chamberlain stays on the straight and narrow from here on out!

Derek Jeter issues a summons...

... and calls a boy from the roped-in on-field area into the Forbidden Zone.

Kinda says it all, doesn't it? (Thought I might have just spelled out "Saito," personally.)

I said before the game that I thought we could have a pitchers' duel, maybe competing no-hitters in the sixth. Er... maybe not. In fact, for a while there I thought I'd made a terrible mistake and gone to the well once too often. But it's funny how things work out.

I promised Nick Swisher, Nick Swisher there will be. (There are smiling shots, you get brooding for now.)

I would just like to note that I have been at Fenway for all three of Jason Varitek's grand slams. (Also, note Tek's no-nonsense demeanor and the facial expressions he's getting from his teammates.)

Now note that Mike Lowell is practically dancing and Jay Bay looks ten times as happy as if he'd hit that ball himself. (We were all giddy by then, I suppose!)

"Old guys! You struck a blow for the old guys!"

No, I don't expect to be there tonight. ^_^ Marathon games that start at 8pm and leave 18,000 people scrambling for cabs are not my cup of tea. But I have the sneaking suspicion I'll regret it...!
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