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If I took one photo that summarized yesterday's game...

... it would be this one.

John Smoltz throwing before the game.

Manny Delcarmen asks, "How did the ball I was catching wind up behind me?"

I was afraid that Justin Masterson was ratting me out to Takashi Saito, at least until I realized I was standing next to a rather large contingent of Japanese fans, one of whom was wearing what appeared to be a freshly signed Masterson jersey. ^_^ Of course, before I realized that, I waved to Saito, just in case. He looked pleasantly puzzled.

Ramon Ramirez with a special delivery.

J.D. Drew looked downright giddy around the kids. (The youngster looks a little concerned. "Are they sure what he got was a cortisone shot?")

I wish this was sharper. "Nice to meet you! I'm Nick!"

Getting buzzed by the hawk was pretty amazing.

Tek's starting to get enough hair for my taste.

Mark Kotsay trots in after his home run.

The hazards of shooting from the stands... this would have been the shot of the day without the heads.

I tried cropping it tighter, but it doesn't quite work.

This might be the time to tell the story about Nick Green making my heart skip beats as he walked past us to get a cab in Detroit... but maybe I'll wait for the Detroit photo posts. ^_^

Lots more to come. I should have a captioned page from Thursday in Detroit up tonight!
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