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There's no place like home

Nick Green and Russell Branyan crack each other up during yesterday's game.

I had a wonderful time on the road with Beth, really I did, but due to a variety of reasons I feel like I've scarcely had a moment to breathe since getting home. It was a lot of travel in a short period of time, the heat in Washington was an abrupt change from the 60-degree cloudy damp in Boston, the heat in Atlanta was exhausting, and my return flight was delayed so I got home Monday morning in the wee hours. And somehow in my absence (and by losing a weekend) the yard grew out of control and the house got dirty...

I did shoot at the games, but I'm feeling oddly unmotivated about them. Had nice seats for the Wednesday DC game (I think I've hardly looked at those...), and the terrific behind-the-plate ones Thursday (though the players-in-shade/outfield-in-sun issue is making me pull my hair out). Friday in Atlanta we shot BP before retreating to our second-level seats, where I didn't shoot but had a very fine chili dog (we did the on-field thing for BP, which was awesome, but I am still disappointed that I was looking the wrong way when Nick Green emerged in his Fenway Rescue Squad shirt!); Saturday I almost melted in BP but we sought the shade behind the 'pen and then had decent seats for the game; Sunday was just about impossible between the heat and the home plate screen. All in all I wasn't feeling nearly as good about shooting as I usually do on the road. I may of course have been pining for my beloved big lens...

So it was a relief to go to yesterday's game and get not only a win but some decent and fun shots!

Hideki Okajima was out before the game.

I was trying to shoot the pink backpack... Lowe carrying the King Leonidas helmet was a bonus.

Mark Wahlberg and Mike O'Malley try to pin Wahlberg's terrible first pitch on Pedie!

Whew! That pitch was a little close for J.D. Drew's comfort.

Jacoby Ellsbury sprints as Johjima and his mask part company...

... but he wouldn't quite make it.

Jon Lester. There's something about those red caps that makes them look like they're wearing entirely different uniforms.

Ichiro bunting.

Ken Griffey Jr. says, "That ball is too high."

"That ball is too low."

"That ball is just right!" (But I'm cheating--this one's a different at-bat.)

How does Justin Masterson get that close to the ground?

Pedie tries to outrun the throw to Branyan.

I'm always saying that Drew smiles more than folks think, but this was sweet. ^_^
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