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Three days, three states--my weekend!

Friday I made a one-day dash down to New York to see kteeski for lunch, a stroll, and a couple of beers. I miss her like heck, and it was extremely bittersweet; it felt like what ought to have been the first afternoon of several days hanging out and then it was over in a flash. I am just going to have to get myself on that plane to SF!

Saturday morning the cats had their first appointments since I got them in November. Clean bill of health and booster shots. Avery was a little trouper, even if he did find the least accessible corner of the kitty room to scrunch himself into a ball and hide; poor Wilson demonstrated that indeed, he does need the gigantic carrier I got for him (with room for a littler box in the back) because car travel does indeed scare the crap out of him literally. He was stiff and shaking the whole way, both ways. :( But he was good as soon as he got home, thankfully!

Saturday afternoon, off to Beer Works to meet Beth and the Blues for a mini-SG-palooza, then over to Fenway! Went through the gate E line for the Red Sox Wives food drive and snagged cards for Rocco Baldelli and Ramon Ramirez. I was wearing my Padres Cla Meredith jersey, which got me a few odd looks, but it was SO good to see him again!

And I know I convinced savvyfan, but seriously... A brief digression: before the game Beth and I hung out to see some of the pregame show taping, and while on occasion we see people make googly eyes at Amalie Benjamin, this was the first time I'd seen her make them back--and indeed, it turned out to be her fiance. But I was primed to look for googly eyes...


Sunday it was on to Portland, where my first thought was neither "Man, this is a great little park," nor "Interesting that Josh Reddick is playing LF with Ryan Kalish in CF; I wonder if they're more unhappy about the Bay talks than they say," but "Could someone not have warned me that Reddick is rocking both the long mohawk AND the porn stache?"

We got a good game. Adam Mills is a favorite, and he pitched well. We had terrific seats, courtesy of a SoSH auction

and I will get more photos up soon. Great angle on the pitchers (Dustin Richardson arguably has an even more bizarre delivery than Okajima), though the screen and the cloudy/foggy day made things a little tough.

Off day for me today, before I hit Fenway for three straight in an effort to get some good shots of Craig Breslow and then convince the folks at his foundation that they need to swap out my Twins photo for an A's photo!

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