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A PED-discussion-free photo post!

Yeah, I'll have something to say about it later, but in the meantime, read Bases Loaded. And read MLB's timeline, and ask what 2003 meant.

Jason Varitek. Because I love it when the glove captions the photo for me.

Tommy Everidge. Because I'm a sucker for debuts, even when it's a guy on the wrong team.

Mike Lowell. "So... where was that ball I so magnificently swung through?"

O-Cab and Papi. "Talk to the hand!"

Nick Green. (I, uh, need a moment.)

Jacoby Ellsbury. Eye black AND facial scruff? I need another moment.

Jon Lester. Not the best ever game he's pitched, but he hung in there.

I think this should be on NH license plates. Heck, maybe all of New England.

Jed Lowrie and a very clean-shaven Jeff Bailey.


Craig Breslow! Bless your heart--you pitched in the three-of-four games I had tickets for, and that was probably one more than you should have. But thanks for letting me get some daylight shots. And for the gopher ball, too. (Note--these are in fact of that very pitch.)

I love this face. ^_^

Bonus, just because...

Lars Anderson, from July 26.
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