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I get jealous every time I see 'em/ Sharpie love letters to you

I made the trek down to Pawtucket with Cyn last night for the annual PawSox team poster/autograph session. Things were a little crazy this time thanks to the impending thunderstorms; instead of setting up the tables on the warning track, they had everyone on the concourse. It was a bit tough at first to figure out the lines, since there wasn't much room, but the staff did a very commendable job making the whole thing work in tight quarters.

Best part of the session was discovering that Javier Lopez doesn't actually hate me. ^_^ I have more than a few player shots where Javi's staring towards the camera

and I know I do take a ton of shots, so I was worried... but I thanked him for signing Steve's jersey and he immediately told me he knew I took really nice photos.

Also in the vein of realizing I may not be as under the radar as I think...

* In line for Tazawa's table, I realized that the photo held by a guy in front of me looked awfully familiar. "Where'd you get that?" "My buddy took it." Er... no... I did!

The versions on the web site are lower-res than what I keep in the archives, so I can usually tell if someone's printed my work, not just from the familiar images themselves but from the fact that the print quality isn't quite what it should be.

* I chose a catching shot for Dusty Brown, but told him that I'd considered using one from where he'd been tossed from a game after being unhappy with called strikes. He said, "Oh, I've signed a few of those today!" Mine? Who knows... I do have a couple of them posted!

* After the players had wrapped up and gone in, a tall handsome man came up to me and asked whether I was sittingstill. It was Kris Johnson's dad! I was thrilled to find that his folks had seen the photos I'd taken of him, and now I'll be able to get them the actual files for prints and such. (Memo to anyone else's parents who may want files or prints: please let me know!) They specifically mentioned this shot:

* And Dan Hoard picked me out of the line to come and say hello! I'm hugely grateful to Dan, not just for using my stuff but for telling us as much as he does about our PawSox, so I got a huge kick out of trying to tell him he doesn't need to thank me!

Of course, I might have expected that having SO much fun before the game would have consequences, and the game itself didn't go quite the way one might have wished. We had to leave in the middle of the fourth in order to get the last train that would get us home early enough on a work night, so it was still tied, but the boys weren't able to pull it out from there. I hope when Josh Reddick reports to the team that he brings a fresh dose of energy and enthusiasm!

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