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Blame it on the rain

Getting tickets for games on both Monday and Tuesday is not really a smart plan. That said, Monday it would have been worth it if only to hang pregame with jennyagain, but there was the bonus of the win, if the rather long game and the relative lack of chances to shoot Josh Reddick.

(after some kind of complicated punching/fistbumping thing with Ortiz)

We'd had the best-arranged plan to head over for BP, which was thwarted by another round of beverages on the house... whoops. Fortunately we did totter over in time to get food before gametime! Lesson learned for next time, and there will be a next time!

Tuesday I was bringing friends, which is a rarity to me, so there was dinner instead of BP... which was good, in a way, because it will take me forever to go through all the melee photos. I put a few up here on Facebook, but there will have to be more... it seems every frame has somebody with a great facial expression or pose, whether it's Okajima making sure he doesn't get within five feet of anyone or Lester looking very calm despite having half a Tigers player's jersey clenched in his fist, and another Tigers player's arm wrapped almost casually around his waist, and an ump's hand on his shoulder. I was cracking myself up last night until I realized I had to get up in six hours. (There are a couple of shots there of my buddies who had sweet, sweet seats, too!)

I've got my fingers crossed that Reddick manages to get into the lineup tomorrow (when I have a ticket) but not tonight (when I don't). It's going to be very sad if all I have of his first stint in the majors ends up as a photo essay, "Life on the Bench." (Watch Josh straighten his socks! See him ponder: lollipop, or sunflower seeds? Watch him grapple with ethical dilemmas: "Is it all right if I hope that someone drops a bowling ball on Bay's foot as long as I don't actually do it myself?")

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