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Briefly resorting to Facebook again...

August 22, Red Sox, just a very random few selections

I think this was after a ball got by Victor Martinez. Let it be noted that the middle infield was not impressed with the defense. (And that I have missed Gonzo, and that face.)

August 23, PawSox, a lot less random, but still by no means complete.

Seriously, Josh Reddick: I left my house at 8:40am and got home after 7:00pm, just so I could shoot in Pawtucket, and you can't wear the high socks for me?

Bonus surprise from McCoy to come--vintage baseball circa 1884! The Providence Grays played the visiting Roxbury Nine when the gates opened. It was amazing. Among many other differences in play, the catcher's the only one with a glove; it sure means a lot of routine catches aren't nearly as routine!
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