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Another drive-by

So there was this time I was really worried about whether Curt Schilling would be able to pitch without really having two good legs to stand on...

But yeah, that wasn't the game I wanted to see last night. And I'm always a little out of it during series with the Yankees, since even the folks I love seem to get a little sharper than usual (or they root for the other side...!). So I'm just popping in to post a few recent shots that give me warm fuzzies!

These are from Baltimore; I snuck down for the Saturday and Sunday games, and while I was sad not to see 1863_project, it was interesting to have a trip where the only person I talked to whom I didn't come across for the first time there was... Paul Byrd. ^_^

Daniel Bard. I love road games for the ability to watch warmups--generally everyone's chatty and laughing!

... well, I did say generally. Alex Gonzalez, not so much.

Clay Buchholz.

See? He can smile, too!

J.D. Drew must have broken a bat in BP. I'm not sure if he's presenting this for burial, or as a trophy for DeMarlo Hale, long noted for his ferocious, bat-shattering BP fastball.

Whatever the presentation was, it must have been good!

I've taken some nice shots of Josh Reddick, but I'm in love with this one, from his Saturday night HR. I was really hoping it would reach Eutaw Street!

Another shot where I wish I had a microphone and not just a zoom lens!

I'm always joking that J.D. Drew seems very pleased to be on second base to be around Brian Roberts. Cesar Izturis does not seem to share my amusement.

Michael Bowden throws in the bullpen on Sunday...

... and runs afterwards.

Jacoby Ellsbury going backwards...

... and forwards...

... and under...

... and around...

... and at rest. (Don't ask me why this is the blurry one... I think the camera expected him to be moving!)

So today is another day. And no matter what happens, I'm glad there are two Sox/Yankees games in a row that start early enough for a reasonable bedtime!

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