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When I think of the Cookie Monster, I think wistfully of Bronson Arroyo, a pitcher beloved as much off the field as on (if not more) sacrificed in a trade mere weeks after crooning "C is for Cookie" with a little blue friend.

And now... now I think of two pitchers. Justin Masterson, of course, was traded this summer for Victor Martinez, and while I know how much the Red Sox needed Victor... well, it was tremendously disappointing to see Justin and his wife Meryl leave Boston for Ohio.

The cookie connection? Well, Meryl Masterson's cookies were the talk of players and media while she was here. Need evidence? See RJ's testimonial in the ProJo, or talk to any Sox-related broadcaster. (I'm presuming the Indians got a few this year, too!) I would have figured you had to be more special than a mere fan photographer to try them, but now that Meryl has founded Home Plate Cookies, you too can have something like this arrive at your door!

So what did I order? First, what I think is the true signature cookie, the Batter Up Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookie.

Mmmmmmn. Very sweet butterscotch morsels grounded by chewy not-too-sweet oatmeal. Excellent balance of rich, sweet and oatmeal-grainy. Texture is perfect, moist but not too much so. I'm having trouble typing this because there's on sitting in front of me and writing about it is making me want to eat it NOW. (Its glorious demise is scheduled for midafternoon.)

And joining the butterscotch, the Masterson Monster cookie.

(You might ask why I didn't take these out of the wrap for shooting. Because the photographer would have eaten them, that's why. And I don't like to get crumbs on the lens.)

Another oatmeal base, this time with some peanut butter--not really a PB cookie, though, more like notes of peanut in the oatmeal flavor. Both M&Ms and chocolate morsels punch up the healthy oatmeal flavor (oatmeal is healthy even in cookies, right?). Excellent texture, again. (Okay, full disclosure: there are TWO of these in front of me. Let me pick one up and show you. See how soft and richly tender it is? Did I say there were two? No, of course, there's only one. There was always only one. ::quietly stuffs plastic into pocket::)

I don't think it's any coincidence that once word spread of Meryl's cookies, the yearly cookie-offs at Spring Training were no more. Clearly, none of the participants wanted to see their sad little cookies kicked to the curb! For all that I would never have had a vote, I have clearly spent a lifetime refining my ability to assess a cookie--and these have sittingstill's Ferret* of Approval!

[Looking for news on the will-she-ever-catch-up-on-photos front? I've been playing around with SmugMug and liking it a lot. Recent galleries are there; some duplicate the Facebook ones. The plan, I think, is to move all the 2009 shots there and continue using it going forward. But I do have a LOT of stuff not yet posted!]

* someone at Photo Day thought Steve was a seal. I guess his flowing gray road jersey was a little confusing.

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