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Tough choice for TV last night: watch Bush speak, or watch the Sox lose ALCS Game 3 to New York in replay on NESN. I went with the Sox. It was fascinating to revisit the emotion of that time knowing full well what came afterwards. (Plus I listened to part of the game instead of watching the first time around when I was in the Remy Report chat room trying to talk people off the ledge.) First I wanted to reach out and hug all the despondent fans, then hug the despondent players. They had a great close-up of Millar looking out from the dugout in the eighth inning or so, staring disaster in the face... but not giving up. That's a characteristic that would come in handy over the next few days. Minky, I'll miss your defense, but there's no way we could have traded this guy away.

Absolute nadir of the series: the fans that were left booing Bellhorn when he struck out in the ninth. Wait. Just wait, oh ye of little faith. That's why I'll be wearing my new World Series jersey with #12 on Opening Day.

I've got a good feeling about tonight's game. Might even break out a gin and tonic for old times' sake.
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