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There are mornings I hate most of humanity

I would like to have the authority to issue tickets for gross stupidity on the MBTA. Or at least to give lessons.

Chapter 1: Doorways and how not to use them.

Doorways are not for standing in.

Doorways are not for parking your luggage in.

Doorways are especially not for multiple people to park their luggage in, particularly if said luggage requires either a Sherpa to help you over or a sizable amount of dynamite to allow you to pass through.

Doorways are not for people to enter until people are finished exiting. (And if sittingstill walked straight through you this morning while she cooed "Excuse me... excuse me..." in a voice etched with the still-dripping acid of sarcasm, she is not sorry.)

Doorways on occasion can be stepped out of and then stepped back into! Really!

On the other hand, doors are not for closing, Mr. Green Line driver, until passengers who wish to board have boarded--never mind until passengers who wish to get off have disembarked. (You're welcome, all of you who benefited from sittingstill holding the door open with her knee at Arlington Street this morning until both listed objectives were accomplished.)

This is why sittingstill does not like to carry the large, full-size umbrella with the pointy tip. This makes her dream of impaling people on the pointy tip all the way to work. (Well, okay, most of the way--at least until the random play chose the Go-Betweens' "Spring Rain" for the last stretch of the rainy, 60-degree walk to the office. Last night on my dark, quiet, reflective walk home from the gym it hit me with REM's "Gardening at Night" straight into the Chameleons' "P.S. Goodbye," so I was afraid it was going to be somber again this morning.)

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