sittingstill (sittingstill) wrote,

I haven't posted for a couple of days, including a critical couple of days with regard to the Red Sox.

A while back, Charlotte/Griffindoerr posted on the Remy boards about Millar that he'd reinvigorated her appreciation of the Sox. I can't disagree. I've loved the Sox since the days when we hoped the game would be on Channel 38 and if not we'd have the radio. But some teams and some players have transcended the rest. It would have been amazing--and potentially illegal--if we could have had Oil Can Boyd and Kevin Millar on the same team! But in any case, there was a vitality, an energy, a LIFE to Millar that seems all but irreplaceable right now.

I looked the other day at's main page, at all the thumbnails, and wondered about the players who were gone. Bellhorn, of course... but also Millar and Mueller. And Olerud, and potentially Manny, and potentially JD... and Edgar, and Mike Myers.

Do we really root for the laundry?

No offense to Tek (to whom my allegiance is so strong that I hardly bother to mention it), or Papi, or Schill, or Timlin, or my new loves Papelbon and Hansen. But I loved the 2003-2004 Red Sox with such fervor that I'm not sure how I feel about the current incarnation.

Ah well. Bought tickets this morning, so I have two Spring Training and eight regular season games on tap already. Onward, into the void...!
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